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Golden Dragon Restoration

Vic’s latest restoration project was an antique child’s rickshaw pedicab. “Golden Dragons” were handmade at Wen Fua Pedicab Manufactory in Taipei, Taiwan, China, they were painted bright blue with plenty of chrome trim. Weighing in at probably 400 lbs., this one, probably from the 1960s, would have sold for $175 new. Then, after sitting unused for decades it needed Vic’s careful attention to detail –which gave new life to... Read More

U of L Earn-A-Bike Program
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Attention U of L students, faculty, and staff: Get $400 towards a new bike and accessories from Vic’s Classic Bikes by giving up your U of L parking permit for two years. In their effort to cut pollution coming out of tailpipes, reduce parking lot space, and promote healthier lifestyles on campus, U of L’s Sustainability Council has  launched its Earn-A-Bike Program again. This is the fourth year they’ve... Read More

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