Meet The Staff

Victor Miller


Vic started restoring bicycles in his garage before opening his first shop on Preston St. His move to the Highlands came in 2010. His interest in restoring old 70’s & 80’s bikes came out of his love for the quality frames and components made at the end of the handmade bike era in America, before almost all bicycle manufacturing was sent to Taiwan and China. Vic is married to the lovely Laura, has two grown children, and an energetic little shop dog named Bentley. When Vic isn’t out riding he enjoys his saltwater reef aquarium and doing yoga.

When Bentley isn’t at home admiring the family’s saltwater reef system he’s usually greeting visitors at the bike shop – or being paraded around town before his many admiring fans.

Perry Finley


Perry helps out in the shop when he’s not out riding, and now that he’s retired that means he’s almost always out on a bike. Perry’s married with two grown-up children, and has a best friend named Stella. Perry is without a doubt one of the finest bike mechanics in the region, his knowledge, compassion, and dedication for cycling comes from a lifetime of involvement with technical and mechanical stuff.

Stella is a great bike shop companion, when not greeting visitors she likes to practice her ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Vic's Classic Bikes
At Audubon Park | 3141 Preston Hwy, Louisville, Kentucky | phone/text: 502 552-5669