A Vic’s Classic Bike restoration is a complete overhaul.

We start with a quality bicycle, one that we feel deserves a new life.

The bike is completely disassembled, including all four bearing systems.

All components are cleaned, quality inspected, and lubricated by hand.

The frame and fork are cleaned and polished, spokes are re-tensioned and the wheels are trued. We replace the rim strips, tubes, tires; brake and shifter housings and cables; drive chain; handlebar tape, and any other necessary parts.

All of our bicycles are overhauled to United Bicycle Institute standards.

Our bikes have a one year warranty on parts, and free lifetime labor (our lifetime, not yours).

That’s what makes Vic’s Classic Bikes better than the others.

Vic's Classic Bikes
At Audubon Park | 3141 Preston Hwy, Louisville, Kentucky | phone/text: 502 552-5669