Accessories to complement your dream bike, and many gems you don’t find everywhere else.

Restorations, conversions? We have vintage parts from Campagnolo and Shimano, and many others.

We probably have whatever part or bike tool you need. Special orders are a specialty.

Rooms full of whatever you might be looking for. Hundreds of vintage bikes to cannibalize.

Vic’s Classic Bikes Gift Shop

Classic Black T-Shirt $15

Vic’s Tie-dye Jersey $66

Vic’s Helmet Bike Mirror $20

Vic’s Tie-dye T-shirt $20

The Golden Age of Wheeling, Bicycling in Louisville (1868-1917) $40

Each book is autographed by the author, shown here with Vic.

More schwag is available at our CafePress store, they’re an online retailer of user-customized, on-demand, products located in Louisville, KY. Each CafePress order is printed and shipped the same day.

Link to Vic’s CafePress shop.

Stop in or give Vic a call to discuss your cycling needs.

Vic's Classic Bikes
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