58CM Lotus Excelle Sport Series

58 CM Witcomb:


  • Early frame hand built by Richard Sachs and copper plated.
  • Equipped with Campagnolo crank set, bottom bracket, shifters, derailleurs, brake calipers and head set.
  • Phill Wood hubs laced to Araya double wall alloy rims.
  • Complete professional restoration with free lifetime labor and service.  $1350.00

In 1971, Whitcomb Cycles In 1971, the company represented the UK at a British Fair in New York City. The next year, Witcomb, while exhibiting in San Francisco, received Princess Alexandra and her husband, Sir Angus Ogilvy. This marked a short-lived foray into the US market. Witcomb USA was founded in 1972 in East Haddam, Connecticut by Richard Sachs and Peter Weigle. However, problems with suppliers meant the company could not fulfill demand, and the venture was dismantled after 8 years.

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