Many cyclists use Brooks saddles and totally love them, while others have wished for an even better saddle, well folks, here it is.

Gilles Berthoud makes beautiful saddles with a thicker top-quality leather, but instead of riveting the leather saddle to the frame Gilles’ saddles bolt on theirs, making them easy to repair (if ever necessary) and the bolt assemblies are at the rear of the saddle not on the top surface where you might sit on them when you slide back on the saddle snagging your Spandex, these bolts are off the back edge and out of the way.

The brass washer-stainless steel screw-threaded insert construction allows easy disassembling of the entire saddle and the mold-injected frame with only a Torx screwdriver and Allen wrench.
The Aspin is their most popular high-performance leather saddle with a medium width designed for an intermediate touring style riding position that most cyclists find comfortable riding over long distances, it’s named for the Col d’Aspin in the Pyrénées. The Aspin has stainless steel rails for strength and affordability and injected molded plastic instead of a metal frame which means it weighs less than the comparable Brooks B-15.

Brooks (top) and the lighter weight Gilles Berthoud saddle

Leather saddles have long offered the ultimate in comfort for long-distance cycling because they shape themselves to your anatomy. Gilles Berthoud’s saddles use thoroughly modern materials and construction methods while maintaining the advantages of a tensioned leather saddle.

The leather is thicker and initially firm but their saddles are comfortable right out of the box due to their unique shape, and they are pre-softened to shorten the break-in period.

The Aspin model is now in stock at Vic’s. While all of their other saddles are available on special order in tan, brown, black and their very exclusive cork finish. Classic saddle bags loops and a KlikFix attachment are on the back.

Made in France.


Gilles Berthoud saddle with saddle bag loops & KlikFix attachment