Shop interior

Vic’s has relocated to 3141 Preston Hwy. near the Audubon Park neighborhood after six years in The Highlands. Vic Miller, known for restoring older, high-quality handmade bicycles, moved into a larger, more centrally located shop at Audubon Park at the end of July, 2018.

Vic started restoring bicycles in his garage at home and selling them on craigslist before anyone else in Louisville was doing such a thing which led to eventually opening his first shop on Preston St. He moved his shop to Baxter Ave. in the Highlands in 2012.

Vic’s interest in restoring old 70’s & 80’s bikes came out of his love for the quality frames and components made towards the end of the handmade bike era in America, before most bicycle manufacturing was sent to Taiwan and China.

Master mechanic Perry Finley, one of the finest in the region, is on staff as well as the shop’s mascot dogs, Bentley and Stella.

Vic’s Classic Bikes supports Falls City Community BikeWorks, a non-profit community bike shop that teaches aspiring bike mechanics to restore bikes, an initiative to make Louisville a more bicycle friendly community.