One of Vic’s favorite restoration projects was this Maserati MT-10, a straight gauge high tensile steel recreational machine.

While the Maserati name is most commonly associated with a glorious automobile brand introduced in 1926, the company permitted the use of their name on motorcycles, and later on bicycles in the 1970s, and though volumes of information pertaining to the Maserati automobile exists, little is known about the Maserati bicycle.

The Maserati MT-10 was an entry level bicycle and was fitted with entry level components, while the Maserati MT-1 was their top of the line model, it featured all the bells and whistles one would expect from an early seventies high-end Italian made racing bicycle.

Vic added a derailleur hanger to the horizontal dropouts, and the original drive was replaced with a Campagnolo groupo. The cottered-crank was replaced with a square taper crank. Chrome plating on the fork blades and Panaracer gum walls complete the vintage look.

The project was completed for the original owner who wanted it restored and upgraded to a ridable condition as a reminder of the bike’s earlier years.

At Vic’s Classic Bikes restorations begin at $175 for road bikes, plus parts. Vic is ready to discuss your bicycle project.

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