If you are an urban rider or commuter who feels they really should wear a helmet, but shudders at the sight of the usual Tour de France racer look we suggest Thousand helmets.

The helmet’s unique selling point is the PopLock, a pop-out section which allows you to fit your lock through the helmet and attach it securely to your bike rather than fastening the chin strap to the top tube and hoping no one steals it after you turn your back.

Thousand is a fairly new USA-based company started by a woman. Designed for urban city riding, their minimalist bike helmets are inspired by the simplicity of vintage moto lids.

Their helmets conform to US and European safety standards.

Secret Poplock
The most convenient way to leave your helmet behind. Access the hidden channel behind the logo mark, and pop your U-Lock or chain lock through. Backed with our Helmet Thief Guarantee.

Magnetic Buckle
Lock it in with a one hand fastener guaranteed to leave your finger pinch-free. Safety certified, German engineered.

Vegan Leather Straps
Stay comfortable and sweat-free with these eco-friendly microfiber vegan straps, created with animals and the environment in mind.

Ventilation without the sci-fi design. You’ll keep cool with seven air vents and three
cooling channels.

Available in three sizes. In stock now at Vic’s – stop by an try one on.


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