We have been quite busy through the winter getting stock ready for the spring rush. Having the shop floor fully stocked gives me time to work on some of the higher end of the collection. This De Rosa Nuove Classico from the late 80’s came in equipped with Dura Ace 7400 and mismatched sew ups.

I took the bike apart then touched up a few nicks in the finish. The bearings were all in excellent shape so all parts were cleaned in solvent before reassembling with fresh lubricants. Wheels were rebuilt using new Macic Open Pro rims and stainless steel straight gauge spokes.

Panaracer skin wall tires, Newbaums yellow cotton bar tape finished with hemp twine and shellac, and Brooks Swift saddle all work together to complete the “Classic” look. This is one sweet ride.

58cm. Available for purchase $2500

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