I have been planning this build for over a year now and have been working out the details in my head. Having finally made all the decisions on components all that is left to do is order the parts and get going.

Starting with the frame set, a Huffy Catalina. This model was part of a program intended to move Huffy from a department store bike to a premium line.
Some details here http://www.carltoncycles.me.uk/details/huffy.htm

I acquired the bike from a junk dealer in Cincinnati OH. It was part of bulk bike buy where he was adding a few more bikes to fill up my load. We didn’t know what it was only that it had Campy hubs laced to sew up rims. Don’t think I paid but about $100 for it if that. I started to strip off what was left of the paint in preparation for the powdercoater. What I found was a beautiful completely chromed hand built Carlton. It had been upgraded from the original Williams cottered crank with a 1st generation Dura Ace model and a downtube sticker to go with it.

My first build up of the frame set was as a 7 seed internal geared rear hub with a double chain ring in front for a 14 seed bike chain slack was taken up with a Pauls Melvin. North road bars and a generator hub completed the crusier that was never ridden. This build will be a fixed gear birth with as much Dura Ace as possible to honor the 1st upgrade.

I selected High Flange Dura Ace track hubs over a year ago but could not make a decision on the rims. Mavic Open Pro….. Velocity Arrowhead…….VO PBR…..????????????????????
Then it came to me in a vision…….Sun CR18s………in 27″ to honor the original geometry. Well with that decision made I ordered the rims, Justin ordered the spokes and the wheels were built. Clad with Continental Gatorskins (27 x 1.25 tires are 32 mm) and I am stoked about this build. Parts on order include Nitto Craft stem, stainless steel straight bar, SKF crank bearing. Brooks stuff includes Swift saddle, Challenge bag & amp slender grips all in black. Stopping power provided by Vello Orange Gran Comp 660 CNC machined center pulls to honor the original frame designed for Winnman center pulls. TRP short brake levers.

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