Jonathon Porter was hit by a car while riding his bike home from an election night watch party around 2 am, Nov. 9, 2016. The driver left the scene.

The last thing Johnathon remembers is being almost home on W. Oak Street before crossing Dixie Hwy.

His unconscious body was found around 5 am outside Hill Street Missionary Baptist Church, a mile and a half down Dixie Hwy., with a fractured skull and fractured ribs.

The story got around on Instagram, and Pure Cycles in L.A. noticed it was one of their bikes that Jonathon had been riding, and was also stolen that morning.

With the help of Vic’s Classic Bikes, Pure Cycles gave Jonathon a new Pure Fix bike with upgrades, which he is very thankful for, and rides everyday.

“We’re extremely interested in getting more people to ride bikes, and we don’t want anyone to have a bad experience riding bikes,” Pure Cycles Co-Founder Michael Fishman said. “We want to make sure that he (Jonathon) knows we care about him. We care about all our customers.”

Jonathon has had a remarkable recovery, and is grateful to be alive today. His message to drivers is to be courteous to all cyclists and pedestrians.

Any information about the incident is welcomed by LMPD.

Please consider helping Jonathon with a donation to help with medical bills.