Note: U of L has decided to not extend the Earn-A-Bike program into 2017.

In their effort to cut pollution coming out of tailpipes, reduce parking lot space, and promote healthier lifestyles on campus, U of L’s Sustainability Council launched its Earn-A-Bike Program. Once a year, U of L students, faculty, and staff may enter a lottery for a chance to get $400 towards a new bike and accessories from Vic’s Classic Bikes by giving up a U of L parking permit for two years.

2016 is the fifth year they’ve offered this program, around 400 vouchers have been given out each year. Three quarters of the vouchers are usually taken by students, with faculty getting the rest.

They only give 400 vouchers away and they usually receive at least 800 applications. The 2016 Earn-A-Bike voucher deadline was August 10. Learn more about the incentive here: