I’ve never had a bad experience at Vic’s. Vic has been working on our bikes since we moved to Louisville. I found both Vic and his dog Bentley to be quite welcoming.

The shop itself is a must see for any bike enthusiast. It reminds me of the neighborhood bike shop I used to frequent when I was a kid in Chicago. All the work Vic has done for us has been top-notch. He even replaced a defective inner tube for me at no charge. He was up front about the charges and explained everything that he worked on in detail. It was a no-hassle experience.

Here’s the bottom line, if you love vintage bikes or just need a simple repair or tune up, Vic is the guy to see. I found him to be friendly, accommodating and quite knowledgeable about bikes. And Bentley the dog will always greet you with a friendly wag of the tail.

Andy M - Louisville, KY

We got my new bike (well it is from the 70s but new to me) on the trunk mounted bike rack at about 4 pm, as I realize that bike shops might not be open, but at that point, hell, that thing is on there, it is worth a shot!

I knew that there was a bike shop on Bardstown Rd. -and of course it was closed. Continuing down the street I see another bike shop sign – yes! As I investigate I see that Vic’s too was closed according to the posted hours, but some guy waves me in – you get a star sir. I grab my fancy “new” bike and roll it on in. Vic himself comes to meet me and talk shop. Wow, can this guy talk shop. Most of it is over my head, but interesting nonetheless. He prices me on a full tune up at 40 bucks, a new tire and tube at like 16 each and something else it needed that is escaping me at the moment. All in all, 85 bucks to make it sing. He even gave me a tip on taking little balled up pieces of aluminum foil to help clean up the metal on the back that was a bit rusty. Just my kind of advice.

Rachel F - Louisville, KY

I went in this afternoon for a flat tire repair. Not only did Vic replace my inner tube and fix my brakes for only $15, he explained what he was doing every step of the way.

Alex G - Louisville, KY

I bought a bike from Vic’s last fall and it was all in all a wonderful experience. He showed me some used bikes that he had up for sale as well as a few newer models that were in my price range. I got a good price on my Public bike and he helped fit me to the right frame, letting me do a test ride first. I should have written a review then, but time passed and I forgot. Until I got a call that he had found and secured my bike, which had been stolen the day before. I cannot thank Vic enough for this, and would heartily recommend his shop to anyone in the area!

Megan N - Louisville, KY

Very knowledgeable and approachable! Vic lives and breathes the sport/activity and supports it. Be sure to stop in for the Sunday morning ride, it’s a hoot regardless of your ability!

Abner M - Louisville, KY

Excellent place and work. Vic did a great job on my bike. Gonna make Vic’s my bike shop.

Kenny B - Louisville, KY

I’m from the Metro Detroit area here on business and love vintage/independent bicycle shops. Stopped in after pedaling around the Louisville riverfront with minutes to spare before Vic’s closed up for the day. He took the time to chat a bit and let me look around.

This is how you gain lifetime customers.

Hugo R - Detroit, MI

Vic is an awesome dude with an awesome shop.

Helen J - Louisville, KY

Choosing the right bike shop is like choosing the right hair stylist, dentist, or graphic designer. You need a match that you feel comfortable sharing your privacy with – and someone who you get along with. Like friends, family, and strangers, nobody is perfect. Getting to know the other person may take some effort and patience for both, but a bond is formed after a trust and understanding is created.

Vic is as different as any other shop owner in this town, you could size them all up and pigeon-hole them all, but in the end it’s up to you decide where you want to spend your money.

Vic is a great guy that will speak his mind, and that’s the kind of guy i like, although i try to support every bike shop in this city, i know i can say whatever i feel like saying to Vic and that’s what makes it a special place.

johnny p - Lower BF, KY