Finding Mental Clarity, Physical Wellness Through Yoga

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victor-miller-03Tab's View is a great new online 'zine headquartered in a restored historic storefront office in Germantown. Founder and publisher Tracy Beale has created a resource for locals who are passionate about life.

Writer/photographer Nerissa Sparkman is an "artist, yogi, rebel, and activist with a gypsy heart". In the first-in-a-series of stories on fitness and yoga, Nerissa drills down into the psyche of Victor Miller, to bring out his untold story.

From a dysfunctional family as a child, then feeling the need to pursue "manly stuff" and getting a knee injury that required surgery, that later complicated itself, while changing his life in the process.

The pain and suffering led Vic back to yoga, where he's finally feeling at peace within himself.

Read the whole story, "Finding Mental Clarity, Physical Wellness Through Yoga".


photos: Nerissa Sparkman/Tab’s View

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